About Us

Leapfrog Mentors is taking baby steps in the world of Management Consulting.

Founded by Tejaswi T J and Balasubramanya S in November 2017 with an aim to provide holistic solution to our clients. Currently we have a client base of 10 companies spread across different verticals

We strive to make a positive difference to each organization we work with and act as "​ Catalyst for change"​ to bring about Sustainable growth.

Companies across the world struggle to create value and ponder over different strategies and solutions in order to achieve sustainable growth, but each Organization has "Inherent Potential"​ which is unsynchronized and unutilized, we strive to realize this potential to create sustainable Value.

Our focus is to work with Small and medium enterprises across the country, SME’s provide employment to 90 % of our workforce and act as strong engines for growth, but SME's typically function at efficiencies of not more than 50% and many SME's struggle to achieve next level growth and eventually stagnate.

We want to associate with dynamic Industrialists and entrepreneurs who have a vision to Leapfrog to the next level and be the agents of this change.

To bring about this transformation

We associate with clients for

  • Organizational transformation
  • Improving Quality Culture
  • Providing Customized IT Solution